Angel Investors Europe

According to EBAN (The European Trade Association for Business Angels), only 10% of potential European angel investors are actively investing in start-ups. We believe transparency, experience sharing, and hands-on training will motivate executives, entrepreneurs, and finance professionals to become active angels. Our goal is to motivate investors throughout Europe to become active angel investors thus supporting the European Start-up ecosystem, building companies and creating jobs. We will achieve this goal by reducing the barriers that prevent them from becoming angel investors.

Angel Investors have a huge impact on early-stage company growth and job creation because they provide nearly 90% of all outside equity for startups. Angel investors tend to invest in companies with the potential for high growth. In 2012, European Angels financed 2.913 companies and created 17.881 jobs.

Angel Investors have a huge impact on early-stage company growth and job creation because they provide nearly 90% of all outside equity for start-ups.

Angel Investors Europe


World Business Angels Association was founded by 12 leaders of federations of business angel networks around the world.  The idea is to create the first international community of business angel networks and leaders for the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship through the financing of high growth start-up companies with the support of Business Angels worldwide.

  • AEBAN (SPAIN)  – representing 26 Spanish business angels networks with over 1,000 members.
  • BAND – Business Angel Netzwerk Deutschland – German Angel Network and Community.
  • BANN – Business Angels Network Netherland – representing 13 Angels networks with over 2,500 members.
  • BAE – Business Angels Europe represents the European Business Angels’ Federations and Trade associations in Europe. BAE brings together the most active and developed countries operating in the angel market in Europe.
  • EBAN -EBAN is a non-profit association representing the interests of business angels, business angels networks (BANs) and federation of networks, seed funds and other entities involved in bridging the equity gap in Europe. EBAN was established with the collaboration of the European Commission in 1999 by a group of pioneer BANs in Europe and EURADA (European Association of Development Agencies).
  • ESBAN – Espana Business Angels Network ESBAN coordinates and promotes the different Business Angels networks in Spain. For these networks ESBAN has a number of roles ranging from highlighting the contribution that business angels make to the entrepreneurial culture, supporting its members and lobbying government to encourage the exchange of best practice, experiences, and ideas among members. ESBAN counts with the support of the Spanish Government through the DGPYME (General Secretariat of SMEs) which is a member of ESBAN foundation Board.
  • IBAN – Italian Business Angel Network – IBAN is the Italian National Association focused on the development and the growth of the Business Angels phenomena in Italy. IBAN’s members are BAN’s, investors clubs, business angels and professionals in matching investors (formal and informal) with entrepreneurs.
  • LINC Scotland – LINC Scotland is the national association for business angels in Scotland, with a membership which includes individual investors, angel groups & syndicates.
  • TBAA Business Angels Association TurkeyTo enable Turkish entrepreneurs to become familiar with a culture of partnership Now it is time for Turkish entrepreneurs to embrace a completely new model of entrepreneurship introduced by the TBAA –Business Angels Association of Turkey. A ‘partnership culture’ whereby businessmen of acumen are invited to form partnerships with rising entrepreneurs.



  • AngelList – AngelList is a platform for startups – angels, angel investors, startups, VCs, venture capital.
  • Angels Den: Crowdfunding and Angel Funding EventsThe World’s First Integrated Angel and Crowdfunding Platform. At Angels Den, we have been successfully matching Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors.
  • Gust – Startup Funding & Angel Investing – The global platform for startup funding and investing. Gust is the largest network of entrepreneurs, startups, angel investors, VCs, and early-stage investors. (Motivating #startup funding facts: 1 in 40 get angel funding, 1 in 400 get VC.


  • Angel Investment grows to €5.5 billionBusiness angels’ investments increase 8,7% in 2013. The 2014 edition of EBAN’s research reveals market growth in all early-stage investment areas with particular highlight to angel investment activity which grew both in amounts invested as well as in the number of deals funded. Amongst the most relevant findings of the data collection, we emphasize the fact of 97% of deals were subject to any sort of co-investment, with a clear preference for co-investment with other business angels.
  • EBAN Start-Up Investor ManifestoStartup investors from across Europe contributed to a Startup Investors Manifesto towards an effective single market for early-stage investment. This can sound challenging and it is indeed but is certainly not a dream. There are many policies and actions which can be implemented at European, national and regional level which can contribute to driving investment upwards. Investors themselves have a major role to play too – in the end, it’s all about their money anyway!
  • Getting Started With Angel Investing – (Entrepreneur) – Angel investors might be professionals such as doctors or lawyers, former business associates — or better yet, seasoned entrepreneurs interested in helping out the next generation. What matters is that they are wealthy and willing to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in your business in return for a piece of the action.
  • The Economic Impact of Angel Investment – The 14th Annual Congress of EBAN  – the implications raised from the research indicate that EU public policies should encourage angel-funded start-ups. Their impact and the jobs they create justify specific efforts to foster this investment activity in as many geographies as possible.

Angel Investors Europe

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